No-Stop City
performance installation, 2003

No-Stop City is a theoretical project by Archizoom Associate, conceived in 1969. “No-Stop City is a radical analysis of the architecture project and of design, offering a model for an immaterial city without quality, a city dedicated only to the continuous flow of information, technical networks, markets and services; where architecture disappears in a pure “urban semiosphere”, free of all symbolic value”. Text by Andrea Branzi, source Inspired by Archizoom, the installation features a long stripe of moulds in white plaster, carved into liquid food containers of various sizes are laid on top of a stripe of white felt, stretching across the gallery space. As part of a live event, I perform the action of drawing a line in the middle of the installation, pouring black ink from liquid food containers. Suggesting the aerial view of any contemporary city, this work reflects on the gradual dissolution of the identity of the urban tapestry, while gentrification and the digital economy keep moulding cities increasingly alike.