Cabine Voltaire
electronic meetings, 2013

I founded Cabine Voltaire in February 2013 as a pioneering online platform for the live, online discussions on the arts, science, humanities. The global online debates, featuring specialists from different fields and countries, are hosted and web streamed live from the cabin of the Dwingeloo radio telescope.

The cabin is mobile and its focus is both inside (in the experiments) and the outside.

French writer and philosopher Voltaire is a source of inspiration, for his ability to apply science and philosophy in social criticism, as well as the DADA movement. In general, the channel can be used by people interested in hosting online meetings and online art-science events/performances.

The channel’s website is:

Cabine Voltaire is currently paused. In the meantime I have been hosting podcasts in collaboration with the WOW! Signal Podcast: