768,000 Km
audio installation, duration 12’55”, 2012

This is the sound recording of my voice reading the second chant from Dante’s Paradise, as reflected by the surface of the Moon, using the Earth-Moon-Earth technology (EME). The voice was sent to the Moon by radio operators at the Dwingeloo radio telescope (NL) and received as reflection (or ‘echo’) by two different radio stations in the UK. The reception of the echo by radio antennas at two different locations on Earth, allowed me to generate a stereo sound, which differs from similar Earth-Moon-Earth recordings that are typically mono. The Moon reflected stereoscopic sound produces an immersive experience for the listener, capturing the three dimensional ‘radioscape’ between the Earth and the Moon at the time of transmission and reception. The actual distance travelled by the radio waves from the Earth to the Moon and back is approximately 768,000 Km.