Mare Incognito

Mare Incognito explores the gradual dissolution of consciousness and the process of falling asleep. I am especially interested in exploring the moments of the sleep cycle when awareness seems to dissolve, and the self gradually detaches from the continuous life narrative and gets immersed in a new -dreamlike- narrative. Mare Incognito is a performance recorded in film, during which my brain activity is transmitted into space during sleep, using the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio antennas, located at the Mullard Radio Observatory in Cambridge (UK).

The title of the work hints at a journey into the obscure oceans of inner and outer space.

Mare Incognito is an international collaboration between media artist Daniela de Paulis, neuroscientists Martin Dresler, Jarrod Gott, Cagatay Demirel (Donders Centre for Neuroimaging, NL), Tristan Bekinschtein, Alejandro Ezquerro (University of Cambridge, UK), intellectual historian Thomas Moynihan (University of Oxford, UK), cosmologist Fabian Schmidt (Max Planck Institute, DE), Dutch film maker Mirjam Somers, photographer Bas Czerwinski and the Mullard Radio Observatory/SKA (University of Cambridge, UK).

Thanks to the project’s partners and sponsors: G.tec, Mullard Radio Observatory, Stimuleringsfonds, Mondriaan Fonds, Die Junge Akademie.